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Welcome to the Ness

Volunteering at Orford Ness

Would you enjoy spending a day on the Ness, greeting and guiding visitors, and helping to open and close the site? Our trail rangers are vital in making sure our visitors have a great day out and we are always ready to welcome more. Many of our rangers also get involved in other important work on the Ness.

What would I do as a trail ranger?

  • Spend time with visitors to explain Orford's hidden history
  • Cycle with a watchful eye to ensure everyone has a safe visit
  • See everyone on and off with a warm welcome and friendly goodbye
  • Sell guidebooks and hand out visitor maps
  • Mark completed children's quizzes and award 'MegaSpy' cards

Something to offer?

 Keith Moxon is our volunteer web editor. ‘I started as a Trail Ranger in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the Ness. I revealed that I had some  PC knowledge and now I look after our main website!'

If you feel you have a skill to offer it's always worth getting in touch.

Tell us more

David Mason is the Lead Ranger who looks after volunteers. If you're interested in helping out, do give David a call on 01394 450900.