Working holidays

Cleaning the beach © Lara Warburton

Cleaning the beach

Come and help us clean up the beach on Orford Ness as part of the Marine Conservation Society's annual Beachwatch campaign. Why not spend a weekend making new friends on a working holiday and help us care for this special place?

Marine Conservation Society

Beachwatch is the Marine Conservation Society's beach clean-up and survey that's held in September each year to coincide with the Ocean Conservancy’s International coastal clean-up that takes place in over 70 countries.

Getting started

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You'll spend Saturday clearing and surveying rubbish on the sand and shingle beach at Dunwich Heath, a favourite with families.

Working together

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Meeting new friends and working in a team are at the heart of the Beachwatch weekend, whether sharing lunch out or cooking and relaxing together in the evening.

Days to be proud of

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And at the end of the weekend you'll see the enormous difference you've made, removing litter from our beaches to keep seabirds and other wildlife from harm.

Cast away on Orford Ness

Artist Fran Crowe cleaned the beach with volunteers over four separate days during 2010 and then created an artwork on site, arranging the litter as a site-specific installation displayed in the information building.