© Dave Crawshaw

The secret lives of Suffolk gulls

GPS technology gives fascinating insights into the secret lives of gulls breeding at Orford Ness. Scientists from the British Trust for Ornithology fitted 25 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls with state-of-the-art solar-powered GPS tags during 2010 and 2011.

The tags reveal interesting and unexpected data about this migratory species’ movements throughout the year. Previously the birds migrated to Spain, Portugal and Morocco but this year, some birds remained in the UK - with one not even leaving East Anglia.

More news

  • European Union LIFE programme © European Union

    Water level management works completed

    The European Union funded LIFE project water level management improvements are complete. We hope to see bird species using the new scrapes and lagoons this summer.

  • Climate Control equipment © David Watson

    Orford Ness at Snape Maltings

    David Watson's photographs of the Ness and other Cold War sites are currently on exhibition at Snape Maltings concert hall - open on concert nights and by appointment. 

  • The 'pagodas' © David Watson

    Sacred Spaces on Orford Ness

    Musician Marvin Ayres came to see us to record music for his Sacred Spaces project. For our sacred spaces, he chose Laboratory 4 and the Armoury of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.

  • The 'pagodas' © Matthew Guilliatt

    Big CAT spotted on Orford Ness

    A powerful beast has been leaving tracks over the Ness for several weeks. Despite sceptical responses to the news, we've managed to get photographic proof a CAT is here.