LIFE+ Alde-Ore Future for Wildlife

Digging new ditches to improve the marshland habitat

Digging new ditches to improve the marshland habitat

In partnership with the RSPB we have embarked on a major project to improve and protect habitats in the Alde-Ore Estuary.

Running from 2010 to 2014, LIFE+ Alde-Ore Future for Wildlife will improve water level management on the Orford Ness marshes and on Havergate Island (RSPB).

Working in partnership across Europe

Awarded over €500,000 by the European Union, Alde-Ore Future for Wildlife is the third major EU LIFE scheme funded project to be making a dramatic improvement to habitats on the Ness.

Previous LIFE projects

LIFE 1 - The Conservation of Orford Ness

 © Simon Bradford

Starting in 1994 and running to 1997, the first LIFE project formed an essential element in restoring Orford Ness and its habitats following years of military occupation.

Grazing and water management regimes were introduced and the site prepared for public access.


The morning sunlight glimmers over the salt-marsh at Orford Ness © Joe Cornish

The second EU funded LIFE project, buidlng on the work of the first project: The Conservation of Orford Ness.

From 1997 to 2000 grazing marsh was restored and new coastal lagoons created, along with other conservaton actions.

Natura 2000

LIFE projects on Orford Ness have contributed to the implementation of the EU Birds Directive and Natura 2000, the European wide network of protected areas that forms the centrepiece of EU nature and biodiversity policy.