Facilities & access


  • Nearest refreshments and toilets at Emmetts Garden, 2 miles away.
  • Private parking for National Trust staff and bunkhouse guests only.
  • Nearest public car park is 2 miles away at Toy's Hill. It is free to use and open from dawn to dusk.
  • Dogs are welcome at Outridge, but we ask you give our livestock a wide berth
  • Enjoy the livestock at a distance, not up close, as our ewes can abandon their lambs when they get scared

Family & children

  • Outridge may unsuitable for younger children due to the steep slopes and rough track.
  • Outridge is a working farm, we ask that you take care around the livestock in the fields and please give way to any machinery you may see on site.


  • Uneven ground, some slopes and steps.
  • Outridge is unsuitable for vehicles due to its rough bumpy track, we ask that you leave your car at Toys Hill and enjoy the lovely walks through the woods to the farm.