Overseas organisations

Oak leaf in a National Trust forest © Simon Fraser

Oak leaf in a National Trust forest

Organisations in your country

For American visitors, the Royal Oak Foundation is the National Trust's membership affiliate in the US. Members are entitled to free admission to properties of the National Trust and of the National Trust for Scotland.

There is also the Association of National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland members and volunteers in Belgium. This is a local club run by members for members, volunteers and supporters, which promotes the work of the National Trust. The association raises money for National Trust conservation and development projects through monthly events in Belgium - such as visits to local historic buildings, gardens, museums and by offering lectures - as well as regular behind-the-scenes tours to National Trust properties.

Other countries
The National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has reciprocal visiting arrangements with heritage organisations in other countries. Members of these organisations are usually admitted free to National Trust properties on production of a current membership card.

Countries with reciprocal visiting arrangements
There are 14 countries with similar organisations with whom we have reciprocal visiting arrangements for its members.