Our work

The Verdure Tapestry

The Verdure Tapestry at Packwood House is away for conservation © Sally Renwick

The Verdure Tapestry at Packwood House is away for conservation

Following a private donation of £30,000 the Verdure Tapestry, which is usually in the Long Gallery, is undergoing vital conservation work in Belgium and then at the National Trust's conservation studio in Blickling. To celebrate this work, and to highlight the wonderful tapestry collection at Packwood, we have been planning a year (or two) of tapestries with interpretation around the house and a series of events, demonstrations and workshops focusing on textiles.

Conservation in action

Two of our conservation team cleaning one of our tapestries

Come and see what we do to keep Packwood House looking so fabulous, as well as preserving it for the future. We have regular Conservation in Action displays of our day to day work as well as special demonstrations to show you how to look after your own treasures.

Your donations

Help us to save the tapestries

Thanks to your generosity, we have managed to raise £3,000 to help continue our work with the tapestries.

If every visitor to Packwood donated £1 towards restoring the tapestries, we would raise £80,000 each year, which would mean we could conserve two to three tapestries each time.

How we care for our tapestries

  • Keep them safe from light, heat, and visitors' fingers
  • Clean them carefully with a goat's hair brush, every 2 or 3 years
  • Knowing how to move them and display them properly
  • Having them surveyed and regular condition reports
  • Sending them to a textile conservator
  • They go to a state of the art, modern studio, where they are looked after by a team of experts

A day in the life of the Conservation Team

Caroline, Jo and Lucinda, are part of  the conservation team at Packwood

Caroline, Jo and Lucinda, are part of the conservation team at Packwood

Working in the Conservation Team will always be varied and interesting. You will be surrounded by glorious textiles, 16th century furniture and an atmosphere that is unsurpassed.

Meet Freddie, our mouser

Freddie works hard behind the scenes as our resident mouser. When not at work, he can often be found sunning himself in the Kitchen Garden, or asleep in his bed in one of the greenhouses.

Money raised from the sale of fruit and vegetables in the Kitchen Garden goes towards Freddie's keep.