Discover more about Packwood's birds

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Amphibians galore

Frogs abound here at Packwood

Frogs abound here at Packwood

The ponds and lake are all good breeding places for our resident frogs, toads and newts. Look out for tiny froglets hopping over the lawn by the lake in the spring. Frogs and toads hibernate over the winter months under rocks or in compost heaps.

Encourage wildlife in your own garden

  • Log piles provide a great place for overwintering insects
  • Try not to use insecticides on your plants and flowers
  • Grow nectar rich flowers to encourage butterflies and moths
  • Build a pond to encourage birds, hedgehogs and insects
  • Feed the birds all year round

What did you see?

Not sure what you saw or heard on your visit to Packwood? Why don't you use this link to help you identify the bird in question.

Dragonflies and damselflies

Dragonflies are one of our most ancient species

Dragonflies are one of our most ancient species

The Lake and the Dipping Pool in the Kitchen Garden are both fantastic places to spot these wonderful insects. Dragonflies have larger eyes than damselflies and have a more powerful flight.