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19th-century fantasy castle with spectacular surroundings

This enormous 19th-century neo-Norman castle sits between Snowdonia and the Menai Strait.

It's crammed with fascinating items, such as a one-ton slate bed made for Queen Victoria, elaborate carvings, plasterwork and mock-Norman furniture. It also has an outstanding collection of paintings.

The restored kitchens are a delight and the stable block houses a fascinating industrial railway museum and a model railway museum.

The 24.3 hectares (60 acres) of grounds include parkland, an exotic tree and shrub collection as well as a Victorian walled garden.

What's on

Coming up this summer at Penrhyn:

  • If you're a bit of a daredevil try your hand at abseiling down the ice tower
  • Enjoy horseback hawking displays and get up close to some beautiful birds of prey
  • Anyone for tennis? Or just tuck into some strawberries and cream

Meet the Merryweather fire engine

See this Victorian fire engine in the railway museum © Penrhyn Castle

See this Victorian fire engine in the railway museum

Large Victorian country houses such as Penrhyn Castle were often at risk of house fires. At long last Penrhyn Castle has been reunited with her fire engine, the Merryweather. When it arrived it was in need of full conservation, and thanks to an award from players of People’s Postcode Lottery we are able to stabilise the structure.

Meet the Merryweather fire engine

Ongoing restoration work on the Merryweather fire engine © Penrhyn Castle

Ongoing restoration work on the Merryweather fire engine

Tim Martin, a metal conservator, has just started work on making the fire engine stable. The work will involve repairing the wheels, the driver's seat, conserving the interior of the pumps and steam chest and removing the oxidised grease coating. The work is being carried out in full view of visitors within the Railway Museum. Well worth a visit.

Meet the Merryweather fire engine

The wheels are off.  Restoration begins. © Penrhyn Castle

The wheels are off. Restoration begins.

Tim has taken the wheels off to be repaired; in the meantime he can access the steam engine and boiler to make some alterations. Tim will be working on the restoration of the Merryweather fire engine over the next couple of months. Keep an eye on his progress by visiting the railway museum or you can follow his efforts on our Facebook page and on our website.

A snapshot of a grand design

Take a wander through the maze of opulent rooms, vaulted corridors and gothic stairways. See where the servants worked and some great Victorian innovations.

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