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A coastline of dramatic cliffs, open farmland and sandy coves

Grab your walking boots and discover a spectacular stretch of coast made up of secluded sandy beaches and majestic ragged cliffs which have claimed countless ships over the centuries.

Go on an adventure and discover all the secrets of the Salcombe estuary with our new canoe map-guide. Explore hidden coves, shipwrecks and shore teeming with wildlife-all without ever having to leave your canoe.

At Bolberry Down the open access pathway makes it easy for people of all ages to get a taste of the south Devon coast. From Bolberry you can walk to the Iron Age fort at Bolt Tail or follow the coast path to the sleepy villages at Hope Cove. Wander by the charming thatched cottages before heading down to the nearby sheltered beaches.

East Soar Experience

Welcome to East Soar Outdoor Experience

Our NT tenant at Marlborough near Salcombe runs the East Soar Outdoor Experience. They provide outdoor educational opportunities for children with additional educational needs. As well as a catered camping service, camping barn, holiday cottage and a Walkers Hut open for refreshments.

Just arrived

Highland cattle spending Christmas by the sea

There is a new and impressive sight on the coastal slopes around Salcombe in South Devon. Hardy highland cattle with their trademark shaggy coats have been brought in to help National Trust tenants graze the area between Bolberry and Soar Mill Cove.

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Paddle the Salcombe estuary

As seen on the BBC's Countryfile, you can now explore the beautiful Salcombe estuary with our new canoe map.