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Notice: Some scaffolding on site due to Central Hall works

More than a great house, it is a truly amazing place.

Seaton Delaval Hall is a great house set in its own estate with lovely gardens and a fine collection; yet it is also much more.

It is a signpost pointing to the diverse history of a family which acquired land here in the late 11th century. The house occupies the site of a Norman settlement, and its original Norman chapel remains in use today.

Built between 1719 and 1730 for Admiral George Delaval, it is not only the finest house in the north east of England, but also among the finest works of its architect, Sir John Vanbrugh, one of the masters of English Baroque.

For 900 years, the estate has been a stage for drama, intrigue and romance while the surrounding landscape has fuelled industrial revolution. The house has survived terrible fires, military occupation and potential ruin. Now it provides an amazing space for arts, heritage and the community to come together.

SITA Trust safeguards the hall's future

Seaton Delaval Hall has been handed a vital lifeline after winning nearly £500,000 in funding from the SITA Trust to save the central hall, which was damaged in a devastating fire nearly 200 years ago

Restoration work is halted

The jackdaws are nesting in the chimneys - just like their ancestors

The jackdaws are nesting in the chimneys - just like their ancestors

Work on the main chimney stacks has been halted by nesting jackdaw chicks. Ironically, these chicks could well be the descendants of the jackdaws whose nests caused the devastating fire in1822, leaving the central block a burnt-out shell.

The restoration work on the chimney stacks, which is part of the SITA Trust project, will be put on hold for a couple of weeks until the fledglings leave the nests. Fortunately, it won't be a case of history repeating itself, as we currently don't light fires in the grates below!


50 things to do before you’re 11¾

An outdoor adventure is waiting for you at Seaton Delaval Hall. Take a look inside a tree or see how high the sea breeze will carry your kite. Ask the team at reception for more info when you arrive.

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