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X-raying the stucco statues

Unusual creatures for a vet to x-ray © Maureen Ritson

Unusual creatures for a vet to x-ray

In order to check the iron framework at the core of the stucco plaster muses which adorn the Central Hall, we asked local vet, Stephen Bradley, to bring along his portable x-ray equipment and provide his expertise. Teetering on 10 metre high scaffolding with stone and plaster conservation specialists, Trevor Proudfoot and Graciela Ainsworth, Stephen was able to take some remarkable images of the extremely delicate statues. Thanks to the SITA Trust project, further X-rays will be taken over the next few months, providing vital information for the conservators who will work on halting the corrosion of the iron and preserving the statues.

Restoring the floor

The flooring looks like a jigsaw puzzle

The flooring looks like a jigsaw puzzle

The Georgian floor in the in the Central Hall is being restored, thanks to funding from the SITA Trust. All the tiles have been carefully lifted and laid out on plywood, and their original positions are recorded allowing us to replace them exactly as before. The broken state of some of the tiles can clearly be seen; all of these will be restored and re-used.

Repairing the original tiles

Restoring the original Georgian tiles

The black tiles have suffered more damage than the white marble tiles as they have been de-laminated rather than just broken into pieces. This has made the restoration of the tiles much more difficult as pigments have to be carefully mixed with resin before the broken pieces can be bonded together

The buff coat made for Jacob Astley during the English Civil War © Maureen Ritson

The buff coat made for Jacob Astley during the English Civil War

Conservation blog

There's so much conservation work happening at Seaton Delaval Hall - from major stonework repairs in the Central Hall, to the preservation of some of our delicate collection pieces - that our conservation team has launched a blog to keep you informed about what's going on. To discover the latest conservation news and pictures, make sure you check out their blog on the link below.