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Notice: Shaw's Corner is now closed for the winter.

Country home of playwright Bernard Shaw for 44 years

Playwright, politician, philosopher and wit George Bernard Shaw lived in this Edwardian villa for over 40 years from 1906. When he moved in, he was at the height of his fame. If you'd been walking up the drive 70 years ago, you would have been coming to visit one of the most famous, most photographed and most quoted men in the world.

Today, his home remains much as he left it. You can walk from room to room, enjoying the beautiful Arts and Crafts interiors, and finding fascinating links with the past. The tranquil gardens are a restorative and relaxing place at any time of year. They provide you with a space to reflect on the wit and wisdom of this great man of words - and maybe find the inspiration to write masterpieces of your own.

Join the team here at Shaw's Corner

Do you fancy getting more involved with our work here at Shaw's Corner? Why not come along and volunteer with us? There's lots of different opportunities at this fascinating place.

What's behind closed doors?

The house has been preserved just as it was when Shaw died here in 1950 and we have a collection of well over 5000 objects here at Shaw's Corner, all with a great story to tell. .

Shaw on the silver screen

Pathe have recently put their film archive onto YouTube and there are some fantastic films of Shaw! In this one, dating from 1932, Shaw has just landed in South Africa.

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