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Acres of landscape garden bordered by historic parkland and woodland

There has been some form of ‘pleasure garden’ and parkland at Sheffield Park since the 1700’s. Today’s garden is a horticultural work of art created from centuries of different approaches to landscape design. Each owner has left their impression – whether it was the creation of the lakes, the construction of the Pulham Falls, the planting of Palm Walk or the introduction of many different tree and shrub species from around the world.

Four lakes form the heart of the garden with meandering paths circulating in and out of the glades and wooded areas that surround them. There are over 87 champion trees planted throughout, some of which help to provide the vibrant colour show that Sheffield Park and Garden has become famous for in the autumn season. The national collection of Ghent Azaleas combined with a selection of rhododendron hybrids supply a blaze of colour over the late spring and early summer months.

Our historic parkland would once have played host to deer and game hunting for the guests at Sheffield Park House, which are thought to have included Henry VIII. In a woodland copse within the parkland is our natural Woodland Play Trail offering adventurous play and den building for explorers young and old.

At the bottom of our parkland runs the flood meadow and river Ouse that form our wildlife haven.  Exciting plans are a-foot to restore the river and flood meadow to their original condition, which will involve rebuilding the meanders in the river that once cut across the meadow. Already a mass of wildlife activity in the spring and summer with dragonflies, butterflies and birds buzzing around, the restoration of the meanders is expected to attract even more species to the area – a bonus for wildlife enthusiasts.

Enjoy the 50 Things challenge with us

Den building - number 4 on the 50 Things list

Den building - number 4 on the 50 Things list

There are loads of activities to tick off your 50 things to see and do before you're 11¾ list at Sheffield Park and Garden. Check our events listing to see what's coming up or download our map showing where to tick off some of the self-led activities. We have compiled our top ten favorites but there are over 30 to complete within our estate so there's nothing to hold you back from reaching your final goal.

What to see in the garden

Clouds of Rhododendron hinomayo at Sheffield Park and Garden 

Rhododendron Hinomayo

The clouds of pink flowers on these bushes are one of the most iconic displays in the garden.

What to see in the garden

A carpet of bluebells at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman


The bluebells are out in swathes across the garden showing glimpses of blue through the trees.

What to see in the garden

Fluffy Witch alder flowers at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman

Witch alder

The fluffy white witch alder flowers really stand out against the bright blue spring skies.

What to see in the garden

The first Rhododendron in flower at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman


Look out for many of our rhododendrons coming into flower in the garden on your next visit.

What to see in the garden

Magnolia petals unfurling © Nina Elliot-Newman


The large pale flowers of the magnolia can now be seen contrasting starkly against the bare branches of the surrounding deciduous trees.

What to see in the garden

Wild garlic coming into flower at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman

Wild garlic

The scent of garlic is wafting around the parts of the garden and parkland where this little white flower grows.

What to see in the garden

Camelias in early spring at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman


Our camellias are looking beautiful with many now in flower. Look out for a wide variety of blooms; delicate pink, red with white tipped petals, waxy white and deep red.

What to see in the garden

Pale yellow Primroses at Sheffield Park and Garden © Nina Elliot-Newman


Look out for clumps of these butter coloured flowers amongst the trees all around the garden.

Sights and sounds of spring

The garden and parkland have started to come alive with the sights and sounds of spring. Listen out for the Woodpecker knocking mixed with songbird melodies and look for the first butterflies of the year.

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Plants and planting during May half term

Join us this May half term for some special planting sessions. Take home your own potted seed to nurture into a fully grown plant and tick off number 41 on your 50 Things at the same time.