Woodland play trail

Discover our woodland play trail

Discover our woodland play trail

Discover our woodland play trail

Our woodland play trail is a natural play area in an enclosed copse called Ringwood Toll, just a 10-minute stroll across the parkland.

Follow the circular path inside to discover the storytelling circle at the heart of the play trail. On your walk around you can test your balance on the balance beam, slack line and stepping stones. Or build yourself a den using the materials you find around you. The climbing wall is a great challenge for all ages – see how far across you can climb.

Play on the natural see-saw

Having fun on the see-saw in the woodland playtrail © NT_NEN_Sheffield Park

Find the natural see-saw and enjoy bouncing up and down with your friends

Test your climbing skills

Climbing across the woodland climbing wall © NT_NEN_Sheffield Park

Our natural climbing wall is a real test of your balance - see if can you make it all the way across

See what you can build

Natural building blocks in the woodland play trail © NT_NEN_Sheffield Park

Nature has provided lots of building materials - what can you build on your visit?

Find lots of trees to climb

Young boy tree climbing at Brownsea © NTPL/Ian Shaw

There are loads of trees and branches to climb all around the play trail

Meet the green man

The Green Man at the entrance of the play trail

Our green man greets you at the entrance to the play trail. Venture inside the Ringwood Toll and you will find more examples of wood carvings created by local craftsmen.

Where is the play trail?

This way to the Woodland Play Trail

Follow the wooden sign post from the kissing gate opposite the car park. Head across the parkland, through a gate and beyond, where another sign will point you left and into Ringwood Toll where the play trail is located.

What will you find in our play trail?

  • Stepping stone logs
  • Upright log climbing wall
  • Dens and den building materials
  • Storytelling chair circle
  • Paths to explore
  • Wood carvings