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Landscape park and woodland garden with miles of stunning coastal views

Wander through Sheringham Park and you'll discover why it became the personal favourite of its designer, Humphry Repton. Visit the Repton exhibition to see the story of his 1812 design during a turbulent period of history.

Famous for its vast collection of rhododendrons and azaleas, the last owner, Tom Upcher, would hold rhododendron champagne parties in the 1950s to show them off. Ladies would arrive in their fine gowns, some wearing Wellington boots to walk down the main carriageway, sipping champagne and admiring the colours.

Today, you can climb to the top of the towers to experience breathtaking views of this beautiful landscape, the North Norfolk coast and maybe a steam train passing through.

Spend a day here exploring 1000 acres of varying habitat including woodland, parkland and cliff top. Look out for wildlife, 3 species of deer can be seen alongside a wide variety of birds and butterflies.

Take a virtual tour of a Repton inspired view

 A temple was part of Humphry Repton’s design of 1812. It however was not built until 1975 to celebrate the owner Thomas Upcher’s 70th birthday. Slightly north of Repton’s site, tree growth had interrupted the planned view; it still provides a place for visitors to enjoy views of the parkland, and coast with Sheringham Hall at its heart.

Easter holiday activities.

Top things to look for on your walk

Listern out for the drumming of the Gt. Spotted Woodpecker

• Gt. spotted woodpeckers drumming.
• Early flowering rhododendrons
• Flowering camellias in the secret garden.
• Birds song, as males start to claim their breeding territories.


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