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A rugged stretch of coastline interrupted by gentle valleys

Solva Harbour is the perfect starting point for exploration of the village or to take a walk up onto the Gribin headland (for the magnificent views) and down to Gwadn beach.

Nine Wells Valley is a steep valley down to the sea, with the coastal fort of Porth-y-Rhaw at the bottom. From here fine walks lead in both directions along the coast.

The magnificent stretch of coast between St Elvis Farm and Pen-y-Cwm includes the spectacular jutting headlands of Dinas Fawr and Dinas Fach, linking Solva to Newgale.

Explore the beautiful sheltered Caerbwdy Valley running down to the sea, only 1 mile east of St David's. Stone is still cut from the seaward end of the valley for repairs to St David's Cathedral, which is largely built from the distinctive red rock.

50 things to do before you're 11 3/4

Get outdoors and go wild with 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾. Pick up your scrap book at the St David's Shop and Visitor Information Centre and tick off as many as you can.

Top 5 things at Solva Coast

Bring it on

We reckon there are at least 20 things to do at Solva Coast. Start with these.

  • Create some wild art
  • Pick blackberries growing in the wild
  • Make a mud pie
  • Run around in the rain
  • Set up a snail race


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