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Beyond the black & white is a Tudor house with a Victorian personality

Speke Hall is a rare Tudor timber-framed manor house in a most unusual setting on the banks of the River Mersey. Restored and brought back to life in the 19th century, it is a unique and beautiful mixture of Tudor simplicity and Victorian Arts and Crafts' aesthetics.

Built by the devout Catholic Norris family - keen to impress visitors with the grandeur of their home and in particular the magnificent Great Hall - this beautiful building has witnessed more than 400 years of turbulent history. From the Tudor period when a secret priest hole was an essential feature, to years of neglect and decay in the 18th and 19th centuries (including a spell when it was used as a cow shed) and then being dragged into the Victorian era of improvement and technology, the Hall has seen it all.

In the 21st century, Speke Hall and its surrounding estate now provide a real oasis from the hurly burly of modern life. As you come through the gates, relax, take a breath and enjoy all that this wonderful place has to offer. The Hall is surrounded by beautiful restored gardens and protected by a collar of woodland.

Life in Tudor England

Step back in time during May © National Trust

Step back in time during May

Running throughout the month of May, we'll be looking at what life was really like in Tudor England.

Tuck into a delicious traditional meal in the restaurant, walk around the hall and discover how grand palaces and court life compared to the more humble country surroundings here at Speke or drop into one of our series of free talks on Tudor food and feasts, religion and persecution and how to dress like a Tudor.

Relax and unwind

The Rose Garden is a riot of colour and scent during the summer © Andrew Butler

The Rose Garden is a riot of colour and scent during the summer

On Fridays in June we're opening the grounds until 8pm for anyone that wants to sit, relax and enjoy an early summer evening in the beautiful surroundings of Speke Hall's gardens.

Each Friday will have a different theme - family fun, relaxation and meditation, food and drink tasting and exploring the gardens. Come along and take part in the planned activities, wander around at your own pace or just bring a book and find a peaceful spot to sit and smell the roses.

Hall of Secrets

Open the door and discover the secrets inside © National Trust

Open the door and discover the secrets inside

Speke Hall has seen almost 500 years of secrets and scandal within its walls. Join us during June as we reveal some of the hidden history and fascinating facts about the building and the people that have lived here with a series of free talks.

What happened to the priests concealed here during Tudor times? What was the roof space used for? Why did Adelaide Watt's mother die alone in an inn in Scotland?

Wedding Open Days

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Want to learn more about the wedding packages available in this stunning location?

Join us between 11am and 3pm on 6 June, 12 July, 23 August or 20 September to discover what we can offer for your special day.

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50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

50 things summer 2014

Speke is perfect for outdoor play and exploration, so why not tick off some of the 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ list when you're next here?

Build a den in the woods (no.4), find our bird hide for a spot of bird watching (no. 44) or join in with one of our orienteering trails (no. 45). Even if the weather is rubbish, you can still do no. 6!