Things to see & do

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Hands-on in the hall

Practise your copperplate

Practise your copperplate

You'll notice some changes when you visit the hall this year. We've removed ropes and introduced lots of fun, new activities. You can now walk all around the Morning Room, go into the Scullery for a better look at our unique tap system and get a better look at the fantastic Victorian kitchenware on display in the pantries.

If you'd like to try a spot of letter writing, take a leaf out of Adelaide Watt's book and sit down in the Morning Room to have a go. If you'd prefer something a little more active, you can discover how much effort it took to churn milk into butter in the dairy or see if you're as strong as the Cook - those copper pans are heavy!

Speke snaps

Photography is now welcome inside the hall.

Please don't use flash or tripods but other than that, let your imagination and creativity run riot!

We'd love to see your photos after your visit.

Stretch your legs at Speke

Walks around the estate

Just one of the spectacular views of the Hall

Just one of the spectacular views of the Hall

Where can you find ancient trees, a Tudor house, a Victorian tunnel, a 1960s Bund and views over an airport and the Welsh hills? Speke, of course!

Follow the links to the left to download PDFs of four of our favourite walks around the estate, or just enjoy exploring while you're here.

If you try out the newly opened Coastal Reserve walk, do let us know what you think of it.