St Helens Duver

Late-year sunshine over the old links at St Helens Duver, Isle of Wight
A brisk and bracing walk over St Helens Duver helps cure the winter blues National Trust / David Mears

Sand dunes with a royal history and great coastal views

St Helens Duver

Things to see and do

The view over St Helen's Common over the Duver
There's a lovely view from St Helen's Common over the Duver National Trust/Sue Oldham

Our links and ledges walk 

Explore the Duver on this moderately challenging coastal walk taking in the seashore and a picturesque village.

St Helens Duver


St Helens Duver


An orange tip butterfly resting on a wildflower
Look out for orange tip butterflies National Trust

Wildlife spotting 

Come wildlife spotting at the Common and you could find Hebridean sheep, Alexanders flowers, red squirrels, Blackcap and many other small birds.