Explore Durrington Walls, Stonehenge Landscape © John Miller

Explore Durrington Walls, Stonehenge Landscape

Through the seasons

The ancient countryside provides habitats and protection for a wide variety of wildlife.

Migrating birds return year after year and each season is defined by new arrivals and changing scenes.

From the swooping skylarks to the wild flowers there is so much nature to behold and a new picture painted by every season.

A ranger's view

From wide open views to habitats that create homes for a huge range of species, find out what Ranger Ben Cooke thinks of this ancient landscape.

Farming the landscape

Rob Turner's family have farmed the Stonehenge countryside for nearly 70 years. Including bleak winter mornings and archaeological discoveries, learn about his relationship with the area.

Wildlife leaflet

Together with the RSPB we have produced this beautifully illustrated leaflet providing an introduction to the wildlife around this ancient landscape.

A chalk grassland restoration field near to the King Barrow Ridge

A chalk grassland restoration field near to the King Barrow Ridge

Chalk grassland restoration project

We have recently finished a project to restore 239 hectares of herb-rich chalk grassland on former arable land.

This ensures the protection of any archaeology and significantly improves biodiversity.