Guided learning at Studland, Dorset

Guided learning at Studland, Dorset

Pick from a wide range of inspiring indoor and outdoor activities, tailored to your requirements, for all ages:

  • Guided walks
  • Nature trails
  • Bug hunts
  • Beachcombing
  • Crafts



A girl with a butterfly net at Studland, Dorset

  • Ample parking
  • Indoor seating for 40
  • Facilities for presentations
  • Outdoor study area
  • Disability access and toilets
  • Kitchen

Key Stages 1 and 2

  • Get close and personal with wildlife on the Greenway and East Dart Estate © John Millar

    Woodland wanders

    Minibeasts in their environment - an exploration of nearby woodland on the hunt for bugs, beetles and other creepy-crawlies (KS1).

  • A sand and shell sculpture on the beach at Studland, Dorset © National Trust

    Beach scavenger hunt

    Explore the shore and make sculptures using the natural materials found there, including sand, shells, seaweed and driftwood (KS1).

  • A lone Tern on a rock in the Farne Islands © Joe Cornish


    Discover how Studland’s animals and plants are adapted to their environment by visiting a selection of habitats (seashore, heathland, woodland) within easy reach of the Discovery Centre (KS2).

  • Knoll beach at Studland © Nick Meers

    Coastal processes

    Discover how erosion and deposition have shaped Studland, and how these processes are continuing today (KS2).

  • Green energy at the Discovery Centre in Studland, Dorset © NTPL/David Levenson

    Eco-buildings and renewable energy

    A look at how the Discovery Centre was designed with environmental sustainability in mind (KS2).

Key Stages 3 and 4

  • Evening light on dune grasses, Studland beach © Nick Meers

    Sand Dune Succession

    Studland is a classic example of the development of a sand dune system and the associated physical and biological changes to the environment.

  • Children walking to the beach at Studland, Dorset © David Levenson

    Management of a National Nature Reserve

    How we balance conserving Studland’s natural features alongside opening it for heavy recreational use.

  • A sign above recycling facilities on the beach at Studland, Dorset. © David Levenson

    Human Impacts on a High Value Coastline

    What are the conflicts affecting this popular but fragile stretch of coastline, and how do we manage them?

  • Clean-up crew moving seaweed at Middle Beach, Studland © Nick Meers

    Coastal erosion

    An examination of the threats to Studland’s coastline and how we're responding to them.

What will you and your group discover? © David Levenson

What will you and your group discover?

How to book

School groups

The cost is £3 per pupil for a session of up to two hours. There's a minimum charge of £42 for groups of fewer than 14 pupils.

Accompanying adults are free.

Please download our safety and care for schools leaflet (below) before your visit.

Private hire of the Discovery Centre

Costs are from £15 per hour or £12.60 per hour if you are using our catering service.

Please email us or call 01929 450580.