Guided learning at Studland, Dorset

Guided learning at Studland, Dorset

Pick from a wide range of inspiring indoor and outdoor activities, tailored to your requirements, for all ages:

  • Guided walks
  • Nature trails
  • Bug hunts
  • Beachcombing
  • Crafts



A girl with a butterfly net at Studland, Dorset

  • Ample parking
  • Indoor seating for 40
  • Facilities for presentations
  • Outdoor study area
  • Disability access and toilets
  • Kitchen

Key Stages 1 and 2

  • Get close and personal with wildlife on the Greenway and East Dart Estate © John Millar

    Woodland wanders

    Minibeasts in their environment - an exploration of nearby woodland on the hunt for bugs, beetles and other creepy-crawlies (KS1).

  • A sand and shell sculpture on the beach at Studland, Dorset © National Trust

    Beach scavenger hunt

    Explore the shore and make sculptures using the natural materials found there, including sand, shells, seaweed and driftwood (KS1).

  • A lone Tern on a rock in the Farne Islands © Joe Cornish


    Discover how Studland’s animals and plants are adapted to their environment by visiting a selection of habitats (seashore, heathland, woodland) within easy reach of the Discovery Centre (KS2).

  • Knoll beach at Studland © Nick Meers

    Coastal processes

    Discover how erosion and deposition have shaped Studland, and how these processes are continuing today (KS2).

  • Green energy at the Discovery Centre in Studland, Dorset © NTPL/David Levenson

    Eco-buildings and renewable energy

    A look at how the Discovery Centre was designed with environmental sustainability in mind (KS2).

Key Stages 3 and 4

  • Evening light on dune grasses, Studland beach © Nick Meers

    Sand Dune Succession

    Studland is a classic example of the development of a sand dune system and the associated physical and biological changes to the environment.

  • Children walking to the beach at Studland, Dorset © David Levenson

    Management of a National Nature Reserve

    How we balance conserving Studland’s natural features alongside opening it for heavy recreational use.

  • A sign above recycling facilities on the beach at Studland, Dorset. © David Levenson

    Human Impacts on a High Value Coastline

    What are the conflicts affecting this popular but fragile stretch of coastline, and how do we manage them?

  • Clean-up crew moving seaweed at Middle Beach, Studland © Nick Meers

    Coastal erosion

    An examination of the threats to Studland’s coastline and how we're responding to them.

What will you and your group discover? © David Levenson

What will you and your group discover?

How to book

School groups

The cost is £3 per pupil for a session of up to two hours. There's a minimum charge of £42 for groups of fewer than 14 pupils.

Accompanying adults are free.

Private hire of the Discovery Centre

Costs are from £15 per hour or £12.60 per hour if you are using our catering service.

Please email us or call 01929 450580.