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A comfortable home telling the story of a brewer, a widow and three generations of the Lander family

Tucked away on the edge of Wellington is this rare suburban villa and mini-estate. As you walk up the large avenue of Wellingtonia trees the red-brick villa is unexpectedly revealed offering a chance to immerse yourself in a past era.

The time capsule, which is furnished with original wallpapers, Maw’s tiles and gold medal winning fireplaces, transports you back to the pre-First World War ‘country house’ lifestyle. Packed full with everyday items belonging to the families who lived here, you are sure to feel the familiarity and comfort of this home despite all the features of a grander house, such as the Billiard Room, Drawing Room and impressive Staircase Hall.

The 5 acres of garden is complete with glass houses, conservatory, kennels, pigsties and stables and is perfect for a wander or a game of croquet. You are welcome to take refreshments in our Edwardian tea-room or out on the veranda.

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A bee in the flowers at sunny Sunnycroft

A bee in the flowers at sunny Sunnycroft

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