For families

Have fun creating your own adventure © National Trust Images

Have fun creating your own adventure

Ready for an adventure?

From climbing lovely old trees to playing hide and seek around the summerhouses, we've got lots of things for families to enjoy together at Trelissick.

Whether you've got an hour, an afternoon or a whole day you'll be able to create your own adventure in this special part of Cornwall.

Close to nature

Bug hunting at Trelissick

Next to the Fal river with woodland walks and lovely old trees, Trelissick is a great place for families to come and look for creepy-crawlies, watch birds and spot animal footprints.

Build a den

Take one one of our woodland walks in the Trelissick Countryside and build your own den out of sticks and leaves. We think a great spot is at Roundwood near the Iron age fort.

Family events

Spend quality time with the family at Trelissick. We have have many events for lots of family fun throughout the year.

'50 things' trail

Let us put adventurous spin on your visit by ticking off some of our 50 things to do before you're 11¾. Try den building, exploring in streams, running around in the rain and looking inside trees.

Roundwood ramble

Searching for creatures in Lamouth creek

Searching for creatures in Lamouth creek

Take a trip down to Roundwood Quay. Look out for creatures and birds along the way, take a wild walk in the trenches round the 18th-century fort and tick of some of your '50 things'.

Weird and wonderful

Taking a close look at some ferns in the garden at Trelissick

Get up close to some weird and wonderful plants from all four corners of the globe. We're still collecting more plants now so keep a look out for some new specimens.


Natural games in the Tennis lawn summerhouse at Trelissick

We call them summerhouses but they're lovely places to stop in spring, autumn and winter too. There are four, dating from the reign of Queen Victoria to the Golden Jubilee of our present Queen.

Something surprising

  • Find not one, but four summerhouses dotted around the garden
  • Discover beautiful and interesting plants in the garden
  • Take a ramble to Roundwood Quay and watch passing boats and wildlife
  • Check how our apple harvest is doing in the orchard
  • Play hide and seek in Carcaddon
  • Skim a stone down at the beach