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Tudor Superstitions

Jasper Tudor and Henry escape from Tenby in 1471

‘An old woman and a crowing hen
Makes the old lad (devil) come out of his den’

A Tudor Tenby superstition held that an old woman and a crowing hen caused storms at sea.

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Don't miss

  • Try 'Tudor Family Fortunes' to learn more about this Tudor household
  • Play with the toys in the hall. Did you know the Tudors had yo-yos?
  • Pick up a scroll and discover more about Tudor superstitions
  • Look closely at the painted cloths to find out more about Tudor Tenby
  • Try on the Tudor clothes in the bedchamber
  • Check out the latrine tower and cess pit - the family's indoor loo
  • Sit at the high table and imagine you're the merchant's guests
  • See the best view of the harbour and coast from the bedchamber window

You can play too

Our toys and games aren't just for looking at - we want you play with them.

Here's a study in concentration as two children play a game of strategy called Nine Men's Morris at our recent 75th anniversary celebrations.

Watch the games Tudor children played

The family lived on the first floor. This was where they ate, and where the children had their lessons and played games. Sue Baldwin tells you about them.

At the dinner table...

  • If you were at the head of the table you would share a plate with one person
  • Everyone else shared a plate with up to four people
  • You were not allowed to put your bones or discarded food back on the dinner plate
  • Your cup was shared with the person seated next to you
  • But you were given a linen napkin to wipe your hands and mouth

A Tudor feast

We don't do this every day but...

A Tudor feast © Christopher Sleight

...just occasionally our experts cook up a Tudor storm in the kitchen. Using original methods, utensils and ingredients they prepare the sort of feast that might have been served here 500 years ago.

Hot work

The kitchen fire in the Tudor Merchant's House, Tenby © Christopher Sleight

Everything is cooked over an open fire. Have a look at the menu and see if any of the food looks familiar...

The master of the house

The Tudor Merchant - Dr Charles Kightly © Christopher Sleight

The Tudor Merchant himself might just pop into the kitchen to see how things are going. Here our merchant is Dr Charles Kightly, who has advised on the project, in costume with young volunteers.

The painted cloths