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Wartime souvenirs at Upton Stores

An artist’s impression of Upton’s South Lawn in WW2

We have a range of specially designed Upton House & Gardens souvenirs reflecting the Banking for Victory transformation. This lovely artwork has been especially commissioned to reflect the spirit of Upton's wartime adventure.

Other favorites include the chocolate ration tin, make your own rag rug cushion kits and history books and music of the era. As well as the Spitfire and Lancaster jigsaws.

Pick up a memento of your visit when you are next at Upton Stores.

Warming Woolton Pie

Wartime favouite being served in the Pavillion Restaurant

Wartime favouite being served in the Pavillion Restaurant

Warm up on those autumnal days with this healthy wartime recipe. This pie was developed to by the Ministry of Food during the Second World War to enable a nutritious diet to be maintained despite shortages and rationing of many types of food, especially meat. It was named after Lord Woolton the Minster for Food in 1940 who popularized the dish.

The vegetable dish was topped with potato pastry and grated cheese and served with vegetable gravy. The recipe could be adapted to reflect the availability and seasonality of ingredients. This month we are using spinach from the Upton Kitchen garden to flavor our pie.

Sweet rationing lifted!

Delicious WW2 confectionery at Upton’s shop

Delicious WW2 confectionery at Upton’s shop

You don't need a ration book to buy sugary goodness at Upton Stores! We have a selection of wartime confectionery including pontefract cakes, liquorice torpedoes, toffee bonbons, chocolate limes, blackcurrant liquorice - all made to traditional recipes.

Wi-Fi for all

The newly refurbished Pavilion Restaurant has a menu of freshly prepared hot and cold meals and  tasty sweets, brought to you at your table straight from the kitchen.

We also have free Wi-Fi available in the restaurant for our customers. Link into social media and tell us what you think if your visit so far.