The south face of Upton House © Mike Perry

The south face of Upton House

A thousand years and counting

A millennium of history

Upton's known timeline dates back to the reign of Richard 1 when it belonged to the Arden family. The fortunes of the Upton estate were as varied as the changes of owners. Find out how it came into the hands of Lord Bearsted in 1927.

1930s heyday

The striking Art Deco bathroom at Upton House

The 1930s was a time when Art Deco style impacted everything from fashion to print - and Lady Bearsted's bathroom.  The motor car became affordable for more people and fashionable women were mature, understated and sophisticated.

House party at Upton

Lord and Lady Bearsted held many house parties at Upton. Come and find out for yourself what life was like in a millionaire's mansion in 1930. Listen to the radio, play the piano, read the newspaper and much more.

Travel back in time

As part of our work at Upton the gardens are being returned to how they'd have looked in the 1930s. This is one of our projects and you're able to follow its progress and see the results during your visit.