Seasonal highlights

  • Indoor bulbs

    The selection of bulbs for inside the house this year has been chosen from a list which Kitty Lloyd Jones provided for Lady Bearsted in 1932. Most of these bulbs are still readily available today. All the bulbs used in the house for this year's display were developed before the 1930s.

Did you know?

The billard room at Upton house

Upton is home to many important collections of art, porcelain and plants. The collections date from the time of the industrial revolution and earlier.

The displays show the collections in a real setting of a family home.

Porcelain at Upton

The 2nd Viscount Bearsted inherited his father's passion for porcelain. Whilst Upton's collection of 18th-century French and English porcelain is not among the largest in  the country few contain so many pieces of the highest quality.

The swag returns

In 2010 a member of the public had suspicions about one of the lots for sale at an auction. He passed his thoughts on to the National Trust who identified them as items which had been stolen from the Trust 42 years earlier. The thief was never identified.