Experience, escape, enjoy. Take your pick from a range of activities in the landscapes we care for - it's easy to make the most of being outdoors with us.

Explore our running trails this summer

Run on the dramatic beaches around St Ives

Run on the dramatic beaches around St Ives

The places we care for make the perfect location for a trail run. Whether you're bringing the family or you're training for a marathon, we've got miles of countryside for all abilities to discover. We've even got wild trails near urban areas, so you've no excuse not to pull on your trainers and start exploring.

Sports for sceptics

If a run round the block really isn't for you, we've got some great outdoor alternatives. How about exploring rivers and creeks in a canoe or kayaking or trying your first climbing lesson? We've got ways to get the most sceptical members of your clan involved, see what's on offer.

Come out and play

You might not associate our places with playing sport, but we now have loads of activities that anyone can get involved in.

12 properties in particular have really gone sport mad this year. Together with our partners Sport England we’re offering lots of events, trails and kit to play with.


With a range of trails designed by our team of rangers, our routes are a great way to discover nature and history, There is also range of difficulty levels and distances to choose from.


We know that exploring is brilliant by bike, and we welcome cyclists to enjoy our landscapes. Our estates are for cycling allowing you to get off-road, and deep into beautiful countryside.


We have miles of great trails for you to explore - and all runs come with a view that no gym could compete with. If you want to get involved in some of our events, try a parkrun? 


Get out on the water and enjoy amazing surroundings from your canoe or kayak. We care for some of the best paddling spots in the country including lakes, canals, estuaries and coast.


With over 700 miles of coastline under our care, it's little wonder that we look after some of Britain's most exhilarating surf spots.


Geocaching is a great way to combine technology with a good old fashioned treasure hunt. Head out with the family and a GPS device to discover hidden treasure in loads of our places.