Stargazing for families

  • Mind-boggling facts about stargazing for kids

    Most people can’t help feeling a sense of awe when they see a starry sky. That said, stargazing does require a bit of patience and some children might need a little help to see why sitting around on a cold dark night, looking up, is fun. Here are a few incredible facts to help bring the sky at night alive for your family.

  • Things to take on a family stargazing trip

    You don’t need a telescope. You don’t even need binoculars. On a clear night there are a lot of exciting things to be seen with the naked eye. That said, there are a few bits and pieces that will make your stargazing adventure all the more enjoyable.

  • Go stargazing and discover the wonderful night sky

    The big, open skies of the countryside let you see thousands of stars sparkling at night. Enjoy stargazing at our suggested spots.

Sleep under the stars

Sleeping beneath the stars can be magical, but these days light pollution makes it tricky to find good stargazing spots. Luckily, our outdoor experts know of a few campsites and remote cottages with access to the greatest star-spangled views.

Star-spangled events

We've a variety of different events across England, Wales and Northern Ireland that will cater for anyone interested in the stars. Whether you're an expert or an amateur come and join us for a night out under the stars.

My favourite spot for stargazing is Penbryn beach on the Ceredigion Coast.

Gwen Potter, ranger. Try the Penbryn stargazing walk