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TV and film hotspots

Take a look at our map of movie and TV locations and find yourself walking in the footsteps of the stars. From Mr. Turner to Wolf Hall and Poldark, our places have provided some dazzling backdrops.

Easter egg hunts

Make a day of it and take the family on a yummy Easter adventure. We have Easter Egg Trails at more than 250 places round the country with indoor and outdoor challenges for all ages.

50 things to before you're 11 ¾

Now spring has finally sprung, why not explore the great outdoors and try No.7 on our list of 50 things and fly a kite? Complete your adventures and tick off a few more of our 50 things.

Places to visit by theme

  • Just off the motorway

    If you’re out and about in the car and are in need of a break, why not drop in on one of our special places. Lots of our places are near to the main routes but a million miles away from the rush and congestion of the motorways. You'll discover peaceful places where you can enjoy a complete change of pace, see an amazing house in a beautiful setting and even a slice of cake.

  • Famous residents

    From childhood homes to places where they gained their inspiration, many of our houses have connections to famous faces through the ages.

  • Haunted houses

    The many old houses, castles and abbeys that we care for are full of things to look at. But at a number of our places you might also get to see a little bit more than you bargained for. Several properties are rumoured to be happy hunting grounds for an assortment of ghost and ghouls. Here are a few of our spooky stories.

  • Intriguing curiosities

    We've unearthed some of our most intriguing curiosities, fascinating stories and unusual objects.

  • The Jane Austen trail

    If you're a Jane Austen fan, the names of the settings in her stories are as readily recognisable as those of her characters. Ever wished to take a peek inside 'Netherfield', or admire 'Pemberley' from across the lake? It's easier to follow in the footsteps of Lizzy and Darcy or Elinor and Marianne than you might think.

  • Life below stairs

    Get a taste of what it was like to serve in our greater houses. This is a selection of our houses that allow you to experience life below stairs.

  • World Heritage Sites

    We believe that all of our places are special. However, we are extremely lucky to care for some places that are internationally recognised as truly exceptional and important World Heritage sites.

  • Mysterious places

    Many of our houses and gardens hold secrets ripe for exploring. Whether you are investigating a secret passage, baffled by a maze or intrigued by a resident ghost, you'll soon discover that there is more to us than meets the eye.

  • Connected with the sea

    Many of our places have nautical connections. From Sir Francis Drake's house to hoards of buried treasure, each one tells its own tale of the sea.