Soak up the colours on a sunny autumn walk  © NTPL/John Millar

Soak up the colours on a sunny autumn walk

Autumn walks

We’re still enjoying the remnants of summer, but it won’t be long before autumn will be upon us, when the outside world is suddenly awash with colour. From beautiful browns and blazing reds, to vibrant oranges and golden yellows – there’s no better time to take in the splendid views on a walk, as the familiar becomes new and different.

Coming up this autumn...

  • Recently uncovered, the ceiling in the Brown Room is worth seeing © Kenny Gray

    Cosy days in

    As the nights draw in and the light levels dim, it’s a chance to see our houses in a new light. At Ickworth, we have been trying new ways to illuminate the great art collection, which includes works by well-loved artists. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of houses like Blickling, Melford Hall, Felbrigg, Oxburgh, Wimpole, Anglesey Abbey and Peckover, and discover the drama of the people who once lived and worked in them.

  • Autumn Colour at Anglesey Abbey © Howard Cooper

    Dazzling displays of autumn colour

    Why not take a walk down tree-lined avenues where the magnificent trees tower above, creating tunnels of colour this autumn? Woodlands are some of the best places to catch autumn colour when it arrives – try Blickling, Felbrigg, Sheringham Park, Anglesey Abbey, Ickworth, Wimpole, Hatfield Forest and Sharpenhoe Clappers for walks amongst the changing trees. And over at Wicken Fen, soak up the gold and russet tones of the hoary birch and the vibrant red guelder rose berries.

  • Brandlehow is a great place to search for fungi © Simon Fraser

    Fabulous fungi

    The un-sung heroes of autumn are the weird and wonderful fungi that grow in our woods, pastures and hedges in abundance. Scattered through the leaf litter, nature’s forgotten kingdom can be found in all shapes, colours and sizes at Sheringham Park, Wimpole and Dunwich Heath. Hatfield Forest even boasts 650 different species of fungus - look out for the strangely named yellow brain, fly agaric and purple jellydisc!

  • Red deer  © Nigel Hester

    Wildlife watch

    Autumn is a fantastic season to get out and about and discover some very special wildlife. Flocks or waders, geese and ducks will soon be blanketing the autumn skies along the Norfolk Coast, Orford Ness, Felbrigg and further inland at Wicken Fen, where there’s nothing quite like the cacophony of sound as thousands of migrating birds arriving from colder climes. Look out too for one of nature’s spectacles – the drama and noise of a deer rut at Hatfield Forest and Dunwich Heath.

  • Red deer  © National Trust

    Harvest time

    Autumn is the season of harvest, when we reap what we planted in the spring. It is the time to gather nature’s bounty, the fruits and vegetables, the grains and nuts. You might be lucky enough to stumble across a laden blackberry bush or elderberries ripe for the picking. Why not head into our tea-rooms at Wimpole, Oxburgh, Felbrigg, Ickworth, Blickling and Peckover where we’re sure your taste-buds will find autumnal happiness from produce grown in our gardens?

  • Trick or treat? © NTPL/Naomi Goggin

    Frightful family fun this Hallowe’en

    Whether it’s fallen leaves perfect for kicking or the conkers waiting to be collected for a game with friends, there’s lots to keep the children occupied this October half-term. Why not come along to one of our Hallowe’en events at Dunstable Downs, Flatford, Sutton Hoo, Sheringham Park, Houghton Mill and Hatfield Forest, where there will be ghostly tales, pumpkin carving and creepy crafts? Will you be brave enough?

Looking ahead to Christmas

The festive season is just around the corner and we’re planning plenty of ways to celebrate the traditions of Christmas in the East of England this year. Enjoy illuminated gardens, houses dressed for the occasion, carols, craft fairs, workshops, traditional decorations, festive food and the chance to meet Father Christmas. 

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