Places to visit

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What's on...

This summer we have lots of activities and events planned. Why not join us as we discover beautiful butterflies and glow worms? There's so much to celebrate this season and lots of ways to join in.

Don't miss...

Kite-flying at Dunstable Downs

Kite-flying at Dunstable Downs

Seeing as Dunstable Downs is the highest (and possibly the windiest point) in Bedfordshire, don't forget to bring your kite.

Our favourite outdoor activities

Natural play areas

Children can play on a natural playscape in Chute Wood 

Do your kids love the outdoors? Come and explore Chute Wood at Dunstable Downs, where our rangers have been busy creating a natural play area.

Also in the area

The dovecote is a great spot for bird-watching © National Trust

Enjoy the tranquil setting of Willington Dovecote and Stables, with its 16th-century stone-built buildings, nestling alongside Willington church in Bedfordshire. Did you know it's home to over 1,500 pigeons!

Our rangers

Follow some of our rangers as they keep us posted with the latest news, events, sightings and photos from around the Chiltens. We hope you enjoy our places as much as we do.