Situated in the heart of England, the Midlands offers a huge variety of landscapes and places to enjoy and explore.

Christmas traditions: old and new

Celebrate traditions old and new with us this Christmas © National Trust

Celebrate traditions old and new with us this Christmas

Leafy, natural decorations, festivities through the ages and the smell of traditional recipes fill the air at the places we care for on the lead up to Christmas.

Take home treats for your loved ones at a Christmas market, learn how to make your wreath to decorate your front door or use one of our traditional recipes as part of your family feast.

Family festivities

Christmas is the perfect time to bring the family together, celebrate your traditions and make new ones. Festive family fun.

What's on

Traditionally decorated houses, Christmas markets, breakfast with Father Christmas, wreath making, carol singing and so many more seasonal events await you on the lead up to 25 December. Oh and don't forget the mince pies.

Places we care for

You can enjoy hours of time out at the places we care for.

From acre upon acre of countryside, parkland and gardens to mansions, castles and churches, there is something for everyone.

Seasonal wildlife

You may spot moorland birds such as the Red Grouse even on a winter walk

Our team of wildlife staff, rangers and gardeners share the wildlife they see through the seasons.

From mountain hares and red grouse to veteran trees showing off their winter look, you can learn all about wildlife through the seasons with us.

Get involved

Use your creativity to decorate our Christmas tree

Ever fancied helping us to decorate the places we care for, telling a Christmas tale or two to our visitors or dressing up as the big man himself?

Find out how you can celebrate Christmas with us this year.


Siutated in the heart of England, the Midlands is the perfect location for groups.

Whether you're looking for a new day trip, somewhere to stop off on route north or south or a full weekend itinerary; houses, gardens, parklands and countryside places all await you.


You can delve even deeper into the collections we care for online.

Have you ever wondered what is hiding behind the doors of your favourite cabinet or what objects are yet to be displayed?

With over 800,000 items we're sure you will discover something new.