Great outdoors

Walking season

Autumn colour

Autumn colour

Take advantage of the last days of autumn to take a walk. As the colours shift and change to autumn shades you'll enjoy some spectacular sights on some of the walks

Autumn views

Clear, crisp autumn days provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy some spectacular views over the landscapes the National Trust looks after.

Moated houses, lime tree avenues and iron age hil forts are just some of the things you can take in on a visit

Dog Walks

The perfect place to have fun with your dog

We welcome dogs at many places we look after.

Our houses, and some gardens, are only for humans, but there are acres of outdoors spaces where you can enjoy walk with your dog.

Where to walk your dog in the Midlands

Autumn colour

The changing season brings changes to the colours in the outdoors. The verdant greens of summer give way to the browns, oranges and golds of autumn.

Take some of these walks to soak up the changing colours

Get cycling

A bike is still one of the best ways to explore, whatever the season.

You can hire bikes at Clumber Park where you can even try out tandem cycling and follow one of their many routes, or simply head out on your own two wheels to explore more of the places we care for.