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Get wild and wet on a 50 things quest © National Trust

Get wild and wet on a 50 things quest

A summer of 50 things

Long summer days and time off school are the ideal recipe for adding to your 50 things to do before you're 11 ¾ list.

We've gathered together a list of some favourites you might like to try.

For a full list of all our activities download our 50 things planner

Family picnics

The summer months open up the outdoors for dining.

Bring a blanket and share food with family and friends while enjoying the gardens, parkland and great outdoors that we look after.


Fresh air and exercise are just what children need over the summer.

We've collected a list of some of the best outdoor play spots at the places we care for

Family play

Let the kids let of steam at one of the places we look after.

They can play like Edwardians or Stuarts, try croquet or bowling or you're welcome to bring your own games to take advantage of all the space.

What's on

Summertime means even more things to see, do and take part in at special places in the Midlands.

Join rangers on bug hunts and butterfly safaris, make and fly kites, get dressed up as lots of historical characters, have a go at climbing or follow a family trail to see what you can discover.

Summer wildlife

Look out for the comma butterfly at Coleton Fishacre, South Devon

Summer brings the butterflies and insects out and the colourful meadow flowers

Your kids can become the expert with these free spotter sheets:

You can share photos with us and we'll add them to our wildlife spotters board.

Take to the skies

Find yourself a hill and little bit of wind and enjoy the freedom of flying a kite.

You're welcome to join us for kite flying lessons, display days, build your own workshops. But we'd love you just bring your own and fly to your heart's content.

We've gathered a few of our favourite places