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Something for the whole family to discover in the Midlands this spring © National Trust Images/John Millar

Something for the whole family to discover in the Midlands this spring

50 things for spring

With spring in full swing it’s a great time to get the whole family out and about at some special places.

Climb a tree, fly a kite, hunt for bugs or ride a bike - they're all a part of your 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ adventure.


Spring family adventures

Spring is a time for discovery at the places we care for.

Indoors, away from the rainy spring days, rooms not normally open are waiting for you to explore and doors and drawers reveal collections rarely seen.

Whilst outside new trails, returning wildlife and springtime flowers ensure you have a full day of fun.

Become a wildlife spotter

Greater spotted woodpecker at Ashridge

There’s so much wildlife around at this time of year, but do you know what everything is?

Your kids can become the expert with these free spotter sheets:

You can share photos with us and we'll add them to our wildlife spotters board.

Come and meet the lambs

We love this time of year as the parklands and countryside places we care for welcome new born lambs into the world.

Have your little ones ever met or stroked a little lamb? Do they know we look after lot of different types of lambs from Jacobean to Portlands?

Why not make 2015 the year you get up close to their irresistible cuteness?

Rainy days

Where does the light go?

Venture indoors to see what fun awaits:

Natural play

The closest thing to flying..?

Have a wild and imaginative time in some of our favourite play areas:

What's on

The new season of spring is bursting into life at the places we care for and this means a whole load of new fun to enjoy.

You can join rangers to welcome the new lambs into the world, go star gazing, get dressed up as lots of historical characters, have a go at climbing or follow a family trail to see what you can discover.