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Summer wildlife in the Midlands

Rare woodpecker at Kedleston Hall

A pair of very rare lesser spotted woodpeckers have made the park at Kedleston Hall their home this year. This male excavated a nest hole in April. The female laid six eggs and both birds are now feeding four chicks. This is great news, let’s hope that all four young fledge in three week’s time. This video shows both birds bringing food back for the young.

Bugs and beasties

Tiger beetle

Insects, butterflies and bugs fill the fields, ponds and skies at this time of year.

Tell them apart with our spotter guides

Wildlife Spotting

Can you tell your house martins from your swallows or your frogs from your toads? What makes a rabbit different from a hare or bee from a wasp?

Here’s a handy guide to telling apart some of our many wildlife species.


When you're exploring in the sunshine, please remember to take some pictures.

We love to see your colourful images of flowers insects and other creatures