50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

There are great adventures to be had with 50 things © NTPL/Ben Selway

There are great adventures to be had with 50 things

Remember all of the cool things you did as a kid? Climbing trees, flying kites and hunting for bugs? Well that's what 50 things is all about. There's loads you can do - at home in the garden, in your local park or at the places we look after for you. 

50 things events

Explore the shores at Souter Lighthouse on a seashore safari © NTPL/John Millar

Explore the shores at Souter Lighthouse on a seashore safari

A-Z of play

Are you playing out at Cragside? © NTPL/Arnhel de Serra

Are you playing out at Cragside?

We have so many games, events and activities up our sleeve this summer, we're sure there's something you and your kids will love. We've put a few ideas in a handy A - Z to give you some inspiration and get you started. From Art to Zebras, check out the things that will keep you entertained all summer long.

Rainy days

There's loads to do on rainy days © NTPL/Arnhel de Serra

There's loads to do on rainy days

If the heaven's open this summer, come indoors and enjoy some play time out of the rain. Teach the kids retro card games like snap and old maid, play us your favourite tune on the piano or learn a new game all together - hump backed zebra!

Perfect picnic spots

From sandy beaches to stunning cliff tops, woodland glades, garden retreats and remote country corners, there are loads of great places to down your picnic blanket in the coming weeks and beyond.

Foodie events

  • Montyâ¿¿s Brewery, multi award winning real ales in Powis © Monty's Brewery

    Unwind in Gibside's beer garden

  • Victorian Baking Days take place most Wednesdayâ¿¿s © National Trust / Barry Pells

    Taste Victorian baking at Cragisde

  • Bread on sale at Stourhead farmers market, Wiltshire © NTPL/David Levenson

    Pick up local food at Gibside farmers market

  • Home for five wardens during the summer months on the Farnes © National Trust / Farne Ranger

    Dine at the Farne Islands supper club

Music and theatre

If you love music and theatre, join us for some special events this summer. From folk in the farmyard to Sense and Sensibility and classical musical performances. 

Join our rangers

Join our rangers for 50 things events at Hadrian's Wall and Allen Banks this summer


LUX, June - November featuring Illumine by Imogen Cloët

A must see this year is Cragside's new art exhibition Lux. There are seven artworks to see that reflect the importance of light and innovation at Cragside. Some very stunning pieces.

Tours to the Top

Climb to the very top of Penshaw Monument. Every weekend until the end of September, we open the spiral staircase hidden inside one of the monuments pillars, so you can climb to the roof top and enjoy the view.

Get outdoors

Do you love spending time outdoors? Whether you want to get into sport or already love cycling, running or walking, check out our downloadable routes, regular events and guided cycle rides.

What's on

Summer getaways

Fancy a stay in a lighthouse keepers' cottage? Or perhaps stepping out of your front door for a morning cuppa in Cragside's formal garden? We've got some pretty special places to stay here in the North East