Ranger walks

Discover more about wildlife this autumn  © National Trust / Barry Pells

Discover more about wildlife this autumn

Blackberry time

If you've been out for a walk recently you can't have missed the fact that the blackberries are ripening nicely. It won't be long before they're ready to pick. When they are, we know some great places to pick them in the North East and Yorkshire.

Perfect picnic spots

Make the most of our summer days with a picnic somewhere special. From sandy beaches to stunning cliff tops, woodland glades, garden retreats and remote country corners. 

Spirit of Wallington

Discover the excellent work of TWYNE textile artists in this vibrant and colourful exhibition at Wallington. The artists live between the Tweed and Tyne and have been inspired by Wallington's colourful stories. 


LUX, June - November featuring Illumine by Imogen Clo√ęt

A must see this year is Cragside's new art exhibition Lux. There are seven artworks to see that reflect the importance of light and innovation at Cragside. Some very stunning pieces.

Tours to the Top

Climb to the very top of Penshaw Monument. Every weekend until the end of September, we open the spiral staircase hidden inside one of the monuments pillars, so you can climb to the roof top and enjoy the view.

Get outdoors

Do you love spending time outdoors? Whether you want to get into sport or already love cycling, running or walking, check out our downloadable routes, regular events and guided cycle rides.

What's on

Summer getaways

Fancy a stay in a lighthouse keepers' cottage? Or perhaps stepping out of your front door for a morning cuppa in Cragside's formal garden? We've got some pretty special places to stay here in the North East