Mercury ready for the roof project at Dyrham Park © NT/Chris Lacey

Mercury ready for the roof project at Dyrham Park

Play your part in Dyrham's future

A rare survivor from the 17th century, Dyrham Park, near Bath, is a spectacular mansion, surrounded by the dramatic inclines of an ancient deer park. Inside the house is a wonderful collection of furniture, paintings and tapestries, collected and commissioned by the 17th-century colonial administrator, William Blathwayt. Highlights include rare Delft tulip vases, gilt-leather wall hangings and Dutch paintings including seductive trompe l'oeils by Hoogstraten. All this is at risk from the threat of water ingress and damp.

We urgently need to raise £500,000 by the end of 2014 to overhaul the roof, repair crumbling stonework and install conservation-standard heating.

Can you help us secure Dyrham Park and its treasures for the next generation?

Can you help Stourhead?

Stourhead is among the most beautiful and historically significant landscape gardens in the world - set around a large lake with classical temples, bridges, a tower, grotto, boathouse and even a water wheel. 

These monuments and temples are under constant pressure from time and the elements and urgent restoration is needed to 14 of the structures to ensure that much of their original fabric is saved.

Building restoration programme

We need to raise £640,000 to support a programme of restoration. Buildings such as the Pantheon (above) seem too at ease in their beautiful setting but need your help to withstand the test of time.

King Alfred's Tower repair

King Alfred’s Tower is nestled away in Stourhead’s wider estate

King Alfred's Tower has a collapsed roof, cracked staircase and needs re-pointing to stop water seeping into the brickwork. The triangular monument is visible for miles and is of National Importance - surely a view worth saving?

Corfe Castle, Dorset - one of our the special places supported by legacies © Joe Cornish

Corfe Castle, Dorset - one of our the special places supported by legacies


We are a charity. In the South West we care for 420 miles of coastline, over 50,000 hectares of countryside, lush gardens, exquisite mansions, stone circles from our ancient past and precarious cliff-edge tin mines. These beautiful places help us reach across the ages and connect with our rich history.

Memberships account for around a third of National Trust costs. We cannot survive without voluntary support. Our second largest source of income is from the generosity of those who make provision for the National Trust in their will, people who want to ensure that places special to them remain so even after they are gone.

To discuss your favourite place in the South West or to receive our free Wills Brochure, please email us and one of our local experts will contact you.