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Go on a walk barefoot

Try walking barefoot on the Pen Anglas headland walk

Barefoot walking is probably the simplest way that you can get outdoors and closer to nature. You're actually touching the earth, and you'll find that walking more quietly and slowly brings you nearer to wildlife as you're less likely to scare animals off.

Godolphin have their very own barefoot trail. You can walk over different materials (sand, gravel, wood chips, new mud), and treat your feet to all sorts of textures.

Hold a scary beast

Different people find different things scary so this activity is up to you. Here's a few places to find a scary beast:

  • under a fallen branch or big rock
  • at the base of a tree
  • in piles of leaves or vegetation
  • somewhere dark

There's also lots of events which will help you tick off this particular challenge.

Make a grass trumpet

Want to know how to make your very own grass trumpet? This video will show you how. You could even get a group together and start your own band.

Climb a huge hill

There's nothing quite like climbing up a massive hill to be rewarded by amazing panoramic views and a great sense of achievement.

If it's safe to do so, you could even roll back down.

This week you could also try:

  • Exploring inside a tree
  • Visiting a farm
  • Hunting for fossils and bones
  • Going star gazing
  • Exploring a cave
  • Climbing a tree

We're dog friendly

A couple walking with their springer spaniel on NT land © Arnhel de Serra

Days out can be tricky when you've got a four-legged friend to consider. Of course dogs are part of the family, and many of our places are dog-friendly so you don't need to leave your pooch at home.

50 things products

Fun 50 Things T Shirt © Arnhel de Serra

We've got everything you need to help you tick off your 50 things in our shops. Pick up what you need while out and about, or from our online shop.

How about a 50 things t shirt, or a hoodie to keep you warm while you're on your outdoor adventure?