Eastergate Bridge is an old packhorse bridge © National Trust

Eastergate Bridge is an old packhorse bridge

Hidden gems

Yorkshire is a treasure trove of houses, gardens, castles and abbeys, but it's also home to some genuine hidden gems. Did you know that you can explore a hill that resembles the Matterhorn or find hidden garden rooms at a home built from the success of chocolate? There's always somewhere different to explore or walks to discover, where will you visit this spring?

Nature spotting


Look under rocks, up in the trees, glimpse into ponds and listen carefully for sights and sounds of nature all around.  Use our handy nature spotter guides to help you.

Nature events

Become a twitcher for the day © NTPL/Ben Selway

We've got nature events taking place throughout March, here are just three that you could join:


Fountains Abbey parkrun

Get your running shoes on... © Brian Kay

Whether you're a budding Olympian or just want to go for a run, head to Fountains Abbey for their weekly parkrun. Set within the stunning grounds, take in the surroundings of the abbey ruins and water garden as you go.

There's plenty to be inspired by at Rievaulx Terrace this Spring © National Trust

There's plenty to be inspired by at Rievaulx Terrace this Spring

Spring is on its way

There's nothing better than seeing nature come to life and knowing that spring is in full swing. The sound of birds returning from their winter migration, the glimpse of butterflies flitting through the air and the sight of bluebells, cowslips and other wildflowers rising through woodland and meadows.  

Get outdoors

If you like life in the great outdoors, you'll love some of the great things you can do with us in the open air. Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, a walker or you just like escaping for a while, find a special place to enjoy it in Yorkshire.

What's on

Spring breaks

Have you booked yourself a spring break? Look no further than a National Trust holiday cottage for your holiday, even if it's just for a long weekend. We've got lots of great places you could stay right across Yorkshire.