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Discover castles, houses and open spaces then lose yourself in the dunes of the Northumberland Coast. There's always something to inspire your day out in the North East.

Vote for Wallington

Hear stories of the Trevelyan family in the west wing © NTPL/Arnhel de Serra

Hear stories of the Trevelyan family in the west wing

2015 is general election year and we hope you'll come along to vote! Not just at the elections, but at Wallington, the home of the very political Trevelyan Family. From late March to June, we're opening up the west wing of the house for the first time. Join us for a tour where we'll tell you stories of the Trevelyan family before you cast your vote on its future use. 

Gibside's thriving market square

Gibside has new additions to the thriving market square © NTPL/National Trust / Gibside

Gibside has new additions to the thriving market square

Gibside's new butchery and bakery get into full swing this spring. Housed in a new building in Gibside’s market square, where regular farmers’ markets take place, the butchery and bakery give local suppliers the facilities they need to help their businesses thrive. In addition, Gibside has converted more spaces into creative studios. 

25 years at Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse stands proud on the coast © NTPL/Roger Coulam

Souter Lighthouse stands proud on the coast

We first opened Souter Lighthouse to visitors on 19 July, 1990. Later this year, we'll be carrying out major restoration work to the metal and glass diamond panels in the lantern room at the top of the tower. Outside along The Leas, we're working with the local Coastal Conservation Group to undertake the first ever annual wildlife survey.

Victorian baking at Cragside

Victorian Baking Days take place most Wednesday's © NTPL/National Trust / Barry Pells

Victorian Baking Days take place most Wednesday's

Cragside will be getting to grips with Victorian cooking in April on the newly restored kitchen range. Thanks to money raised through raffle ticket sales last year, we've restored the kitchen range in Lord Armstrong’s impressive kitchen, which has the first example of a working dishwasher, a service lift and a water powered spit.

Spring at Seaton Delaval Hall

Golden daffodils herald the return of spring © NTPL/Maureen Ritson

Golden daffodils herald the return of spring

New woodland walks at Seaton Delaval Hall enable you to enjoy the beautiful displays of bluebells and historic daffodils this spring. For families there's a new trail to learn more about the main characters in the Delaval family, and the Central Hall will be fully open after a number of years of major conservation work.

Warm glow at Washington Old Hall

Enjoy the hall by firelight © NTPL/WOH

Enjoy the hall by firelight

Six out of the seven fireplaces at Washington Old Hall have been fitted with a realistic fire setting, giving you a better idea of what it would have looked, felt and even smelt like in the 17th century. Come and imagine life in this house nestled in the heart of Washingon Village.

More Tales from Northumberland

Robson gets hands on giving the stonemason a hand at Seaton Delaval hall

Robson gets hands on giving the stonemason a hand at Seaton Delaval hall

ITV's Tales from Northumberland is back on TV. We're so excited that Robson Green visited Cragside, Seaton Delaval Hall and Wallington for this fantastic documentary. Discover more about the places he visited, and find out what happened when we took five minutes to ask Robson what he loves about those places...


Spring is in the air! If you enjoy walking check out our list of short and medium walks, and make the most of the North East's fresh sea air, woodland wildlife and fantastic views.

If you go down to the woods today

The beautiful detail of our snowdrop varieties

The beautiful detail of our snowdrop varieties

It's all go in the East Woods at Wallington lately. This half term you helped us plant 100,000 snowdrops, which is just one element of our new winter trail. We're also planting trees and shrubs to make your winter trips to Wallington a little more colourful. 

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

This winter don't miss the chance to tick off a few more activities on your list of 50 things. The dark nights are perfect for No. 27 - Go star gazing, and No. 40 - Go on a nature walk at night.

Places to stay

Looking for somewhere a bit different for your next holiday? Check our our holiday cottages in the North East including a lighthouse keeper's cottage, a cottage overlooking Lindisfarne Castle and a former farmhouse next to the best preserved Roman Fort along Hadrian's Wall.

Down the road

The Deer park at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal is home to over 350 wild deer. There are Red, Sika and Fallow deer all cared for by our Deer Warden. Have you visited yet? We have some handy tips so you can tell the difference between them for when you do.