Period styling

The recreated Tudor bedroom at Newark Park

The recreated Tudor bedroom at Newark Park

Interior design through the ages

Throughout history, there have been distinctive features in interior design. Our houses, some of which date back to the 11th century, are the perfect places to explore characteristic styles.

So, why not pay us a visit and let the grandness of Tudor interiors to the modern lines of 20th century Art Deco inspire you today.

Period interior design

  • Interior design: Tudor

    The Tudor period marked an age of prosperity, money from expanding trade, and the gift of land to Royal favourites enabling them to build lavish houses.

  • Interior design: Georgian

    Georgian architecture and interiors were known for their elegance and lightness of touch and various styles were in vogue.

  • Interior design: Victorian

    Queen Victorias reign was so long from 1837 to 1901 that it is impossible to describe it as having a single style. The era saw a passion for using and combining many earlier styles in a greater dive…

  • Interior design: 20th century

    The Modernist movement, established in Paris, was seeking to reject excessive ornamentation of the past in favour of new ideas and cutting-edge technology that could improve the quality of life.

Period gardens

Period styling didn't just apply to inside the house. Learn more about the features that characterised our gardens through the ages too.