Talk to an expert, learn a new skill, enjoy some music or watch a re-enactment - there's lots to choose from.

Family events and activities

There is plenty to keep the whole family entertained at the beach © Ben Selway

There is plenty to keep the whole family entertained at the beach

We've loads of indoor and outdoor activities this season. Have fun outdoors and join our 50 things before you're 11 ¾ challenges, or take a trip to the beach.

First World War centenary

Flowers in the garden in July at Polesen Lacey, Surrey © NTPL/Megan Taylor

Flowers in the garden in July at Polesen Lacey, Surrey

We're working with visual artist and poet Alec Finlay at a number of our places with links to the First World War with guided walks and poetry readings

Arts and crafts

Self-portrait of Rembrandt © NTPL/National Trust

Self-portrait of Rembrandt

If you're interested in creating art or simply appreciating it,then we've plenty of events and exhibitions for you.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the show © NTPL/National Trust

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show

Throughout the year our places are all set to entertain you with plays, open-air theatre, concerts, film festivals, music and more.

Historical events

Celebrate the spirit of 1940s Britain © NTPL/National Trust

Celebrate the spirit of 1940s Britain

Sing along to songs from the era, while browsing living history stands of the Second World War, civvies and service personnel.

  • Perfect picnic spots

    Celebrate the arrival of summer, by packing a picnic and catching up with friends and family.

  • Holidays and celebrations

    Join us for celebrations including Easter, Father's Day and spring, summer and autumn breaks.

  • Coast & countryside

    From kayaking to family bushcraft to community beach cleans - join us for some outdoors fun..


Join us for talks and tours, theatre, workshops or a guided roam around our beautiful castles and grounds - we have events to suit all tastes.


Our houses often show work from the local community and worldwide. Our Trust New Art exhibitions run until the end of 2014.


Our farmers' markets are held throughout the year, selling the best fresh and seasonal produce direct from local farmers.

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