LiberTeas get-together

This Sunday, the day before the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, there's a nationwide event. People all across the country will sit down and have tea to celebrate, debate or reflect on their freedoms and rights. Come and join one of our special LiberTeas events.

A taster of forthcoming events

  • Big Beach Picnic

    Bring your sandwiches and spades, get together and have fun at one of the 26 Big Beach Picnic events this summer. We're celebrating what makes British beaches special.

  • Guided walks

    Make the most of our guided and self-led walks to enjoy the spring flowers, woodlands and villages in our care. Put on your walking boots and explore the places we care for.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Do you fancy getting crafty and discover all about calligraphy and illumination at one of our workshops? For the nimble-fingered, have a go at creating your own wooden animal sculpture for your garden or join a rag rug workshop and create a masterpiece you can take home.

  • Sporting events

    Join us this season on one of our outdoor activity events. We've 'have a go' archery sessions, social cycle rides, parkrun's or for the dedicated runner, a half-marathon. If you fancy something less energetic, join us for a game of croquet - and that's just for starters. You're guaranteed to find something to get you out and enjoying the countryside.

Find an event near you