A pleasure ground for dogs

Meet the management team

Meet the management team

We love dogs at Wallington and they love being here. With miles of walks through the woods and along the river, an abundance of smells and loads of places to explore, Wallington is a doggy paradise.

Scooby, our General Manager's Golden Doodle, is a very regular visitor. He enjoys his daily walk through the woods and along by the river. He often meets red squirrels on his walk and is well-loved by staff and visitors alike so he gets plenty of fuss and attention.

Why not bring your four-legged friend along when you visit Wallington too? Follow Scooby's simple rules to ensure you and your dog enjoy your day at Wallington.

Scooby says:

  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times
  • You and your dog can explore anywhere outdoors but only assistance dogs can go indoors
  • Please pick up after your dog. You can put dog waste in any normal rubbish bin, as long as it's in a sealed bag
  • Please let us know if any of the doggy water bowls need topping up
  • You can buy home-made dog treats from the Clocktower CafĂ©

Meet the Wallington Woofs

Here are some of the other dogs that love visiting Wallington. If your dog is one of them, please send us a photo and some details about your dog and their favourite walk and we'll upload them here.


Charlie loves the Walled Garden (and so do his owners!)

Charlie is another regular visitor at Wallington as he lives across the road. He's here every day and loves walking through the East Woods and trotting round the Walled Garden.

Chloe and Milo

Samuel and his four-legged friends

Chloe and Milo, the Bichon Frises, enjoyed their visit to Wallington last year along with their two-legged pal and owner Samuel.