Enjoy the walk through the wood © Peter Sword

Enjoy the walk through the wood

Stunning view point  © Paul Hewitt

Stunning view point

James Paine's bridge over the Wansbeck © © Peter Sword

James Paine's bridge over the Wansbeck

Stepping stones over the river Wansbeck © National Trust/David Weissand

Stepping stones over the river Wansbeck

Admire the beautiful walled garden  © NTPL/John Millar

Admire the beautiful walled garden

 © NTPL/Andrea Jones

Route overview

Walk along the banks of the River Wansbeck, crossing over bridges and stepping stones. Explore the woods and see what wildlife you can spot on this riverside walk.


Route details

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River walk at Wallington
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Start: Courtyard

  1. Start in the Courtyard by the Clocktower and head to the gate in the right hand corner of the courtyard.

  2. Follow the path round and turn right at the junction towards the urn and west wood.

  3. Once at the urn take the path on your left past the adventure playground and down a steep hill.

    Show/HideWest Wood

    The area now occupied by the West Wood was known as the West Park Pasture when Sir Walter Calverley Blackett inherited the estate in 1728. The wood was planted in two stages. The North Plantings were complete by 1742 and those to the south were planted a little later but complete in 1748. In 1746 an Ice House was built into the slope above the eastern side of the Boathouse Pond (that is the pond nearest the Hall).

    Enjoy the walk through the wood © NTPL/Peter Sword
  4. At the bottom of the hill bear left towards the play train and follow the path.

  5. Go straight on down the hill towards the River Wansbeck.

  6. Cross over the river at Trout Bridge and carry on along the path.

  7. Take in the view where the wood clears on your left and catch a glimpse of the house.

    Show/HideView over to the house

    Make sure you stop and take in the view over the parkland to the house.

    Stunning view point  © NTPL/Paul Hewitt
  8. Go underneath Paine’s bridge and over the stile following the grassy path alongside the river. Caution: if the river is too high you will not be able to cross over the stepping stones, so you will need to use the alternative route crossing over Paine’s bridge on the road and taking the first right in order to enter the walled garden.

    Show/HidePaine's bridge

    The bridge was built over the Wansbeck by James Paine in the Palladian style with a cascade below in the 18th-century.

    James Paine's bridge over the Wansbeck © NTPL/© Peter Sword
  9. Cross over the stepping stones, and walk up the field towards the road and go through the kissing gate. Once on the road cross over to the left hand side and go through the gate signposted for the walled garden.

    Show/HideStepping stones

    Stepping stones over the river Wansbeck

    Stepping stones over the river Wansbeck © NTPL/National Trust/David Weissand
  10. Follow the path up into the orchard and go through the gate at the top into the walled garden.

    Show/HideWalled Garden

    It is to Sir George Otto Trevelyan, who inherited Wallington in 1886, that we owe the main development of the Walled Garden. He imported terracotta urns and wrought-iron gates from Florence and Menaggio. The 18th-century lead figures were placed along the terrace, and neptune was set above the entrance to this garden; hence the 'Neptune Gate'. Opulent herbaceous borders, keeping to the original shape of the dell, replaced greenhouses and vegetable beds. A rock garden and paths were made, and new greenhouses built.

    Admire the beautiful walled garden  © NTPL/John Millar
  11. Take a look around the beautiful walled garden then make your way out past the conservatory and out of the Neptune gate.

    Show/HideThe conservatory

    The conservatory or winter garden, completed in 1908, was Sir George's supreme contribution. The sent of heliotrope almost overwhelms as you enter. Here still the descendants of his giant 'Rose of Castile' fushsias mingle with wall-trained geraniums, bougainvillea, abutilon, verbena, plumbago and senna corymbosa.

     © NTPL/Andrea Jones
  12. Once out of the walled garden walk around the right hand side of the garden pond.

  13. Follow the path straight over heading back to the house and courtyard.

  14. Take care when crossing over the road and continue to follow the path where you will see the house in front of you and the courtyard on your right.

End: Courtyard

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  • Trail: Walking
  • Grade: Easy
  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Terrain:

    Relatively flat circular walk along natural and surfaced footpaths. One stile and stepping stones to cross on the route.

  • How to get here:

    By road: A1 north to Newcastle then 20 miles north-west (A696, airport/Ponteland road), and turn off on B6342 to Cambo. A1 south to Morpeth (A192) then 12 miles west (B6343)

    Parking: free, 200 yards