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What's in the Hall

The house has been furnished as it might have been in the 17th Century © Nick Meers

The house has been furnished as it might have been in the 17th Century

Lived in for centuries Washington has many tales to tell. The ground floor presents a home in the 17th century when Washington was in the hands of the James family. It was bought by Bishop William James in 1613 and lived in by his grandson William. There were extensive renovations made to the hall during this time and was most likely at its grandest when this work was completed. In the Great hall, kitchen and panelled room you can now see some beautiful examples of carved oak furniture and a precious collection of delft ware spanning three centuries.

What's in the Hall

The Writings of GW Donated by National Society of Washington’s Decendants © Mel Clarke

The Writings of GW Donated by National Society of Washington’s Decendants

The hall is probably best known for being the ancestral home of George Washington as it was from right here that the Washington family (previously Hartburn family) took their name at the end of the 12th century. The staircase and liberty room contain an incredible collection of 'Washingtonabilia' to discover - items commemorating the life and achievements of first president of the USA including a fan that had once belonged to Martha Washington and a hand written letter by George Washington.

What's in the Hall

The home of the Bone family  © WOH

The home of the Bone family

Often a surprise to visitors on the first floor you will find No. 5 The Old Hall, a recreation of the home of the Bone family. From the second half or the 1800s right up until 1933 the hall became home to up to nine families. If you visit in the morning you may even be lucky enough to meet Mr Stanley Bone who was born in that very room.


Washington Old Hall plays host to all kinds of events - you can join a workshop, come along and meet the staff, or enjoy some outdoor theatre.

Washington Wander

There are always seasonal garden trails to complete at Washington Old Hall. Or take the opportunity to discover a bit more about the Hall and the village on our Washington Easy Walk, which you can download below.

Don't miss...

  • The feeling of the past in the home of George Washington's ancestors
  • Discover what it was like to live in the 1930s in the Tenement Room
  • Admire the solid oak furniture of Tudor times
  • Check out the collection of 'Washingtonabilia'
  • Stroll through the pretty formal gardens scented with herbs and flower
  • See the newly planted orchard, which will provide native apples
  • Hear the birds in the Nuttery, and see them enjoying the new pond
  • Enjoy tea and cake in the new accessible tea-room in the garden

Much Ado About Nothing

Join the Pantaloons this summer for a great evening © The Pantaloons

Once again the Pantaloons return to the Nuttery to perform another classic Shakespeare play in their own vibrant, energetic style.

Nature Nuttery

Where would a worm like to live? © WOH

Pond skaters, spiders and bees. What will you find in the Nuttery this summer? Come and investigate on Mondays in the summer holidays and tick more 50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4

Treasure Island

null © Pantaloons

Aarrrh the Pantaloons be back again and this time they be bringin pirates. Why not wear yer best pirate clobber and bring along some grub and some grog to cheer on young Jim Hawkins on the high seas