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A spectacular stretch of coastline boasting dramatic cliffs

A great beach, and more: some of the best rock pools in the country, good surfing, masses of wildlife and views of the distinctive island - the Great Mewstone. Wembury is a great starting point for lovely inland and coastal walks to Wembury Woods and the Yealm Estuary, and around Wembury Point. Finish your trip with a slice of Gemma and Jennifer's home-made cake in the Old Mill Café.

Wembury Marine Centre runs regular rock pool rambles for children during the school holidays. Up for an adventure? Wembury is also a great place for surfing, kayaking and snorkelling. If you want to go further afield why not take the passenger ferry across to the pretty riverside village of Noss Mayo or Newton Ferrers and enjoy a pint in one of the local pubs.

If the tide is right

What will you find?

What will you find?

Beach clean at Ayrmer Cove

Saturday 21 March 11am - 1pm

Did you know? There are two pieces of litter for every footstep you take on a beach.

Come and have some fun and help get the beach ready to welcome visitors for the start of the season. Ayrmer cove is near Bigbury-on-sea, just 12 miles along the coast from Wembury. 

Open for weekends

Warm up your toes at the The Old Mill Cafe.

It is now open at weekends from 11am to 4pm. Weather dependent.

Treat yourself to hot pasty and a cup of tea before heading out to enjoy a cliff top walk or some fun on the beach.

Don't let the cold water put you off

All year round sport at Wembury

All year round sport at Wembury

Wembury beach is a popular place for stand up paddle boarders and surfers even during the chilly winter and spring months. The car park is a short walk down to the beach and at the weekends the cafe is the perfect place to warm up.