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A spectacular stretch of coastline boasting dramatic cliffs

A great beach, and more: some of the best rock pools in the country, good surfing, masses of wildlife and views of the distinctive island - the Great Mewstone. Wembury is a great starting point for lovely inland and coastal walks to Wembury Woods and the Yealm Estuary, and around Wembury Point. Finish your trip with a slice of Gemma and Jennifer's home-made cake in the Old Mill Café.

Wembury Marine Centre runs regular rock pool rambles for children during the school holidays. Up for an adventure? Wembury is also a great place for surfing, kayaking and snorkelling. If you want to go further afield why not take the passenger ferry across to the pretty riverside village of Noss Mayo or Newton Ferrers and enjoy a pint in one of the local pubs.

An underwater world

Half in and half out


Benny the Blenny

This children's book opens a window into the beautiful undersea world around our coasts. The book has been written and photographed by local residents Theresa and Paul Naylor. Most of the photographs were taken here at Wembury and many of the sea creatures can be found here too.

Take the ferry

Boats on the Yealm Estuary

Spend the day at Wembury and take the ferry from Warren Point (30 minute walk) to Newton Ferrers or Noss Mayo.

Take a walk to Cellars Beach or round to Gara Point and enjoy a pint in the local pub. Adult return fare is £3. For more information call the ferryman, Bill Gregor on 07817 132757.

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Ranger dogs Bug and Charlie

Bug and Charlie the ranger dogs like to make friends with all our visitors

In the South Devon Ranger Team we have two team Jack Russells, Bug and Charlie, both rescue dogs.

Having a dog with you when out on the estate is a great way to talk to people of all ages. It also keeps the mice down in the workshop.

What are people saying?

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